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A18RADIO SHOW Episodi 55: Ràdio Alfacs – Apartament 18 Radio

Tracklist: SARAH DAVACHI – Evensong RYUICHI SAKAMOTO·TAYLOR DEUPREE – Curl to Me MOSKITOO – Wonder Particle LAWRENCE ENGLISH – Watching It Unfold CLIKATAT IKATOWI – Ground Zero HEROIN – Head Cold URINALS – Surfin’ with the Shah PINKSHINYULTRABLAST – Holy Forest SMOKE POINT – Spawn Point KEEF BAKER – Ernie Unwise G.S. SULTAN – ag_greatesthit_mv.2 BULLION – My Lar BILLY BRAGG – Levi Stubbs’ Tears MEG BAIRD – The Cruelty of Barbaray Allen THIS MORTAL COIL – You and Your Sister THE TYMES – Are You Lookin’ SOLID SPACE – Spectrum is Green DROP NINETEENS – Kick The Tragedy LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD – Starting Over THE SADIES – Hold On, Hold On (Live) PEEL: HARVEY’S RABBIT (23.07.1994)
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